Rush Limbaugh has been accused of being a lot of things in his time but we're pretty sure no one has ever asserted that he is a lover of hybrid (or, by extension, electric) cars. It was just last March when he claimed that hybrid cars weren't selling well because:
Nobody's buying 'em! Nobody wants them! The manufacturers are making them in droves to satisfy Obama!
Perhaps that opinion may change after he spends a little quality time behind the wheel of a specially prepared electric Ford Focus this coming Thursday when he takes up the Green Car Challenge on The Jay Leno Show. We don't expect him to beat Drew Barrymore's score. After all, not only would he lose points if when he hits the life-sized Al Gore cutout but he'll waste a lot of time if he stops and tries to back over him repeatedly. We do hope, though, that the instantly available torque and the smooth, quiet drivetrain makes a positive impression on the political entertainer. Who knows? Perhaps when if we tune into his program in the days following the drive we'll be treated to an exhortation on the benefits of driving low-carbon cars.

Other guests to give the Focus BEV a test drive in the coming weeks include Paul Reubens, better known to most of us as Pee-wee Herman, and sportscasters Bob Costas and Al Michaels.

[Source: The Live Feed]

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