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While it was somewhat shocking to hear Chevy may call on Reva to electrify the Spark for the Indian market, to think that the company behind the G-Wiz not only has plans to sell their products in America, but to build them here as well is a real jolt. Now relax, have a sip of water, take a deep breath... nothing is for certain yet. Although Reva Electric Car Co. is said to be in final negotiations for a plant in the Syracuse, New York area, no contracts have been signed or permission from the Reva board given to go ahead. The rumors are being generated by loose-lipped "government and development officials" who claim that almost all the pieces, including incentives and loans, are in place.

For those who enjoy pre-hatched chicken counting, the Syracuse factory would create a modest 100 jobs in the near term but if things ramp up the way Reva and the unemployed folks in Onondaga County hope, hundreds of positions might eventually be created. The NXR, which is the model they wish to construct, has received a fair amount of praise since its recent unveiling at the Frankfort Motor Show and will come in both lead-acid city-car and lithium ion highway-capable flavors. Hit the jump for a little video from Reva touting their range-anxiety reducing remote "REVive" innovation.


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