Ford Motor Company is a publicly traded company with a catch: the Ford family permanently holds 40% of the company's voting shares. That means the Ford family has an awful lot of pull, and if someone carrying the family name wants a job, there's a 100% chance they're going to get one.

The latest Ford family member to take a place at the company built by his great grandfather is Henry Ford III. The 29-year-old son of Edsel Ford is fresh off a summer internship at Galpin Ford, where he told AutoWeek that he sold five Fords and a Volvo. He is also getting his MBA at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a.k.a. MIT, and he's getting ready to join the Ford team back in Dearborn. Henry III has been working at the company with his name on the door for some time, having already participated in the all-important labor contract negotiations in 2006 and 2007. He also worked as a junior high school math and English teacher, so his background is rather diverse.

While it's tough to argue that the Ford name hasn't helped Henry III tremendously (he did, after all, reportedly meet with then-CEO Bill Ford and other Ford execs in 2006 to discuss which job he'd receive), the newest Henry does appear to have his head on straight. Does he have a family right to one day run the company? We hope any promotions will come with actual accomplishments, but it may ultimately be too hard to ignore someone named Henry Ford.

[Source: AutoWeek | Image: Mark Vaughn]

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