While diesel cars are tremendously popular in Europe, they're not without their drawbacks, especially if they're no as clean as possible. German diesel car drivers, for example, face the threat of an additional road tax of €1.2 per 0.1 liter of engine displacement if their car doesn't have an diesel particulate filter (DPF). Additionally, certain cities, such as Berlin and Hannover are going to ban diesel vehicles without DPFs from city centers. Buying a new car that has a DPF is not a viable solution for everyone, so the government is stepping in with financial assistance to retrofit older diesels. The trouble is that only certain models can actually have a DPF installed and it usually costs a hefty €650 or more. Now, the German government has decided to help citizens who want to retrofit these filters to their diesels by subsidizing €350 of the installation of such devices. If you live in Germany, head on over to the BAFA (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control) website for the details.

[Source: Auto News]

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