Our time with the Euro-spec Ford Fiesta proved to us that the Oval has one heck of a B-segment hatch on its hands. Since Americans tend to prefer traditional sedans, we're likely to have three-, four- and five-doors here in the US, but what about a coupe?
Auto Express wondered the same thing, and the UK publication commissioned an artist to craft a two-door rendering of the popular Fiesta. AE's imaginary Fiesta coupe looks very much like the car presently in production, with a trapezoid grille, unique headlamps that stretch all the way to the front wheel wells, and the Kinetic-design surface treatments that make the Fiesta look wider than it really is. In the land of make-believe, the coupe gets rectangular fog lights that lend it a fancier look than the plain-Jane round lights on the existing Fiesta.

Out back, the theoretical Fiesta coupe adds some visual flair with a swoopy roofline that stretches all the way to the Fiesta's rear hatch. Chrome trim arounf the side glass that stretches from the A pillar to the C pillar looks a bit like that of the good-looking Mondeo. We'd love to see a slick Fiesta coupe here in the States, and would be more than OK if it looked just like the Auto Express rendering. Throw an EcoBoost 1.6 under the hood, give us the keys and get out of our way, because this little whip's a looker. Now, if only it were real....

[Source: Auto Express]

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