Be the King of Comic-Con: Batman replica motorcycle leathers (Batpod not included)

The San Diego Comic-Con kicks off later this week, and as is the case each year, there'll be no shortage of giddy, costumed fanboys and girls roaming the halls. There's no denying that some of the getups people wear to the con are pretty spot-on, but fans of Batman might be interested in this one, which looks to be dead accurate, as well as being somewhat functional.
Universal Designs is developing a set of motorcycle leathers that's an exact replica of the Batsuit donned by Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight. Included in the leather-and-kevlar suit are the jacket, pants, boots and gloves. You even get the ninjatastic arm gauntlets. How cool is that?

You'll need to supply your own cape, cowl and helmet (having a trustworthy butler, billions of dollars, plus an inventor friend and colleague with a healthy sense of discretion will help immeasurably). For maximum impact, you should probably build a fully-functional Batpod in your garage, too. Just think of the entrance you can make in San Diego. Click the image at right for a slightly larger version.

[Source: Universal Designs via Hell For Leather]

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