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Green Vehicles has been saying for quite a while that they would be starting deliveries of their Triac electric three-wheeler "soon." For example, when we spoke with Green Vehicles' Ehab Youssef last fall, he told us that deliveries were scheduled for December 2008. But that was one of many deadlines the company has missed. In fact, currently, Green Vehicles is still taking reservations – $2,499 for the Triac, $2,399 for the Buckshot – but hasn't delivered any Triacs, as far as we know. Full prices of the cars are $24,995 and $23,995, respectively. Last year, Youssef told us that the Triac would cost $23,000. Currently, the company's website says:
In the future, customers will be able to query a database with their order number to find out which manufacturing round their vehicle is scheduled for, the status of that round, and when their vehicles is scheduled to be shipped.
At present, the first volume production vehicles are pre-ordered for Traics and Buckshots. We hope that you will remain patient as we continue making every detail worth of the name Green Vehicles.
Nonetheless, All Cars Electric is saying that Green Vehicles is now claiming an August delivery date for its first vehicles. Should it ever get produced, the Triac is expected to use a 20 kW AC motor and a 160 amp hour lithium battery pack to go up to 80 mph with a 100-mile range.

As a coda, Youssef was burned by Zap! a few years ago.

[Source: Green Vehicles, All Cars Electric]

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