According to a post on Caliber Forums, Dodge's hatchback is finally getting some love from the Pentastar in the form of a revised interior. Since it first went on sale in 2006, one of the biggest complaints from owners and reviewers alike has been the expansive black plastic surfaces covering every square inch of the car's dash, center console, armrest and door panels. Having spent plenty of time in a multitude of Calibers over the years, we can say with confidence that its interior has a decidedly low-rent look and is thoroughly uncomfortable to the touch – especially the bits where elbows often come into contact with hard plastic.

Included in the 2010 Caliber interior refresh are a new instrument panel, soft-touch center armrest, restyled vinyl-wrapped door panels and revised HVAC controls. It also appears that the A/C vents have been relocated to the upper dash panel and are now round. Click here for a glimpse at the current interior. Overall, this upgrade looks to be quite an improvement, and one sorely needed if Chrysler expects the Caliber to last for a few more years on the market before its (likely Fiat-based) replacement is ready. Thanks for the tip, Glenn!

[Source: Caliber Forums]

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