Amazing 1,500 fps video from the German Grand Prix

Click above to watch the video after the break

Formula 1 is wicked fast, yet in super slow motion at 1500 fps, it can be almost as fun to watch. After the jump are two videos that are definitely worth your time. The first video shows the massive amounts of stress exerted on the F1 cars as they barrel around corners. At 1500 fps, they almost look as if they could come apart at any moment.

The second video demonstrates the importance of technique on the circuit. The video is an overlayed comparison of the third sector approaches of Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton during the Friday practice session at the German Grand Prix. Vettel was faster than Hamilton through the first two sectors, but Hamilton passed him with a textbook brake and acceleration at the third chicane. Good stuff. Follow the jump for your viewing pleasure. Thanks to AC for providing us the original video after we inadvertently overwhelmed the servers at Axis of Oversteer!

[Source: Axis of Oversteer]


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