Michael Bay filmed Megan Fox washing his Ferrari as part of her Transformers audition?!

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Michael Bay may never win the Best Director Oscar, but he sure does know how to get the most out of his actors during their auditions. U.K. broadcaster Jason Solomons wrote in a recent column that Bay had Ms. Megan Fox wash his (unspecified) Ferrari at his home as part of her audition for her role in the first Transformers movie. And since Bay was doing "official" auditions, he apparently recorded every minute of it.

Solomons reportedly asked Fox if she knew where the footage was, and he says she was unsure where the footage was, adding that she was "concerned" as to where it may be. According to Solomons, Bay all but confirmed the tape's existence, allegedly saying "Er, I don't know where it is either" when asked by the broadcaster. Hmmm.

Since the role of Mikaela Banes required Fox to act as sexy as she already looks, we can see why Bay chose for her to wash a Ferrari as part of the audition, but the fact that the 'audition' took place at his home and the tape has gone missing does seem a bit "casting couch" to us. That said, we can think of few things we'd rather see than Megan Fox, a Ferrari, and a bunch of suds. What we don't understand, though, is why this footage wasn't part of our bonus footage in our special edition Transformers DVD.

[Source: SFGate]

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