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The Dutch website dedicated to electric and hybrid automobiles, ZERAuto, has been conducting a poll, asking its visitors to rank their favorite ride and offering 12 very nice entrants to choose from. Perhaps not surprisingly, the Netherlands-based DuraCar Quicc! Diva grabbed the top spot and now proudly sports the "Car of the Future" crown, even though it had competitors like the Tesla Roadster and the Pininfarina B0 BlueCar. Putting aside possible nationalistic motivations, it seems likely that the practical Dutch see the Quicc! Diva as a stylish yet pragmatic way of moving themselves and their stuff around the narrow streets of their city centers. The Chevy Volt, which had occupied the top spot, was deposed to 2nd place; the Th!nk City was also a bridegroom.

The honor did not go unnoticed by certain politicians and yesterday the Minister of Economic Affairs, Maria van der Hoeven, presented DuraCar CEO Steen Wim Bakker with a certificate denoting the accolade. Although the company recently declared bankruptcy, as did their intended builder Karmann, they plan on making a comeback and begin producing 25 cars a day in Q3 of 2010, more than a year behind schedule. For their part, Karmann may also be a zombie phoenix. It's been reported that they've landed a £10 million ($14 million) model-development contract from Volkswagen which will help them restructure and allow them to focus on electric cars. Hit the break for a Google translated press release as well as a bonus video of the Diva struttin' her stuff.

[Source: ZERAuto / Bloomberg]

Power QUICC Diva election wins Car of the Future With a score of 835 points, the QUICC Diva convincing the first election won Car of the Future. The Netherlands developed, electric ride delivery remains the Chevrolet Volt and the Think City, which are respectively the second and third place ended. The Internet election Car of the Future is an initiative of the website ZERAuto.

During the presentation of the Dutch action plan for the introduction of the electric car, the name of the winner announced. The QUICC Diva voters is the most interesting option for the near future. This is the car that can provide the breakthrough of electric driving in our country, "explains Marc Bolier, editor ZERAuto. The QUICC Diva proves that Dutch companies can play an interesting role in this new industry. And he closes with another development: municipalities want to see zero-emission cars in the city centers. The QUICC Diva fits perfectly in the future stadsdistributie. "

Economic Affairs
Maria van der Hoeven, Minister of Economic Affairs: "From cars as the QUICC Diva in the Netherlands we have many more. It is an English product that deserves more than this audience. "Camiel Eurlings, Minister of Transport and Public Works:" We go for electric drive. In 2010 purchased my own ministry's first electric car. We are really working on that. " Steen Wim Bakker, director of Duracar that the QUICC Diva developed: "I am very pleased that the DIVA by visitors to the site ZERAuto.nl is elected Car of the Future. Next year we expect to start the pre-and in the third quarter started the real production of the QUICC Diva expected to have 25 cars per day. "

Supporters Page on ZERAuto As part of the price ZERAuto on the site a fan page set up for the QUICC Diva. One year is all news to follow around the car. Visitors can also register as a supporter of the QUICC Diva.

The QUICC Diva
The QUICC Diva is an electric moving vans. Behind the two seats is a load of 2200 liters, in the production version is growing to 3,000 liters. The payload is 600 pounds. The customer has a range of 150 kilometers. The use of plastic materials including car battery weighs only 850 pounds. Consumed per kilometer car 2 cents of electricity. At this moment it is optimized prototype ready and the car in accordance with the wishes of the customer accordingly.

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