Except in Europe, Toyota has shown little interest in diesel powerplants for anything but the Land Cruiser. Toyota even canceled plans to add a diesel engine to the U.S. Tundra pickup truck. But, a division of Toyota is currently in negotiations with the Philippine government for an investment in a jatropha plantation and biodiesel refinery.
Trading company Toyota Tsusho will start off by planting and cultivating a one acre plot of jatropha and conducting a feasibility study of biodiesel refining. Toyota will partner with the government-run National Development Corp. (NDC). Toyota will fund the initial planting as well as research to be done by Philippine researchers.

Depending on the initial results, Toyota and NDC will look at further collaborations on large scale cultivation and refining. Jatropha is a preferred biodiesel feedstock because it consists of 30-40 percent oil and it can't be used as a food source.

[Source: Manila Standard]

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