Bo Andersson was General Motors' global purchasing group vice president up until last Friday, when he suddenly resigned without warning. Now, we appear to know why he left – Automotive News is reporting that Andersson will become CEO of GAZ, the Russian consumer and military vehicle maker.
As you may recall, GAZ is involved by proxy in the purchase of Opel, since Russian bank Sberbank is GAZ's largest investor and Magna's partner in the pending deal for Opel. With Andersson at the helm, GAZ would have a European automotive industry insider (he also spent time at Saab) and a known cost-cutter and dealmaker. As a result, AN speculates that Andersson could end up playing a key role in the revival of Opel's fortunes.

Andersson's installation as CEO is not a done deal just yet – he still must still be formally voted in by the GAZ board.

[Source: Automotive News, sub req'd]

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