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Do you remember those Transformers fan videos in which fanboys with a lot of time and not a lot of friends made stop-frame action sequences with their toys? The creative types at Kia must have liked the idea, because they assembled a several dozen Kia Souls to make a video of their own. The end result is something pretty damn cool.

Hit the jump to watch "Kia Soul Rock!" The 1:29 video starts off with the prerequisite car stunts and power slides, and then it surprises with synchronized stop-motion goodness that includes nearly 100 Souls working together to make a rolling self effigy. Talk about your high-effort productions. At the end, the Soul Sport models all head into the cargo ship for transport, but Kia wants to stress that the vehicles used for stunt duty will not be shipped to customers. Thanks for the tip, ConceptVBS!

[Source: YouTube]

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