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Unfortunately, it wasn't possible to watch live footage here in the United States of the world's first zero-emissions motorcycle race, which took place this morning on the famed Isle of Man. The good news is that the organizers of the TTXGP have finally gotten some footage of the event loaded up on the internet.

If you don't yet know who won and aren't ready to find out, don't watch the video or click here for our initial recap of the race. For the rest of us, there's plenty of cool footage to see after the break, including a couple of the bikes staging for the race, some nice on-bike footage from the race winner as he streaks past some slower-moving traffic and some interviews with the riders and a few of the men behind the electric machinery.

Here's hoping that 2010's running of the TTXGP proves even more successful in promoting high-performance, zero-emissions vehicles.

[Source: TTXGP]


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