The 1969 Camaro is one of the most iconic pony cars, and there are plenty of '69s on the road, many of which have been tweaked to provide more power than the impressive stock 427 big-block V8. However, none have been outfitted with the most powerful production GM engine in its 100-year history; the 638-hp LS9. That was true until the Jackass was completed.

The Jackass was constructed by GM engineer and Pro Touring stud Mark Stielow in 20 months. And the modified '69 Camaro is more than just a supercharged V8. Stielow added the wheels, tires, and carbon ceramic brakes from the ZR1, along with an Art Morrison subframe and a Tremec T56 tranny from a Dodge Viper. The result? 511 horsepower at the rear wheels, and a price tag that surpasses a loaded ZR1. While that's quite a bit of coin, but someone had to do it first and it appears Stielow's done it right the first time.

[Source: Inside Line]

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