During Bob Lutz's speech to the Automotive Press Association in Detroit last week, one of his slides included some current and future product plans. Most of what was on the chart was already well known including cars like the Orlando, Cruze and Spark. Motor Trend's Todd Lassa noticed a new addition to the list which may well fit in with last week's announcement that GM will build a new small car in the U.S.
The Chevrolet Viva has not been previously mentioned publicly by GM but is believed to be a B-segment car to replace the much-loved (not!) Aveo. The Viva is expected in 2011 to challenge the Ford Fiesta and Honda Fit. GM's announcement indicated that the factory would be tooled up for volumes of 160,000 units a year. It seems unlikely that the little Chevy Spark will be able to hit those kinds of numbers in the mid-term, but a slightly larger car s much more probable.

[Source: Motor Trend]

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