The drive from Autoblog's South Bay outpost to Reno-Fernley raceway gave Justice Lieberman and I some time to wax poetic on the 24 Hours of LeMons. Peppered between discussions about the race, the field of competitors and the finer points of officiating the world's fastest growing motorsport (we're pretty sure), I asked the question: what cars are going to dominate LeMons 20 years from now? Some were obvious, so were absurd and others were dismissed out of hand.

So when we got back, I listed off the most credible contenders that came up during our discussion. In order to be qualified for the list, the vehicle had to meet certain criteria. First, it has to be on sale today and available in sufficient numbers. That means niche vehicles are generally out. Secondly, it can't be one of the front-runners currently dominating LeMons, so the BMW 3 Series, Mazda MX-5 and Civic aren't included on the list, although they'll undoubtedly have a presence during the 2029 LeMons season. Third, they had to have some amount of aftermarket support, so replacements and performance parts could be had in the junkyards of tomorrow. What'd we come up with? Click below to start the list.


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