Click above for an action-filled gallery of the 24 Hours of LeMons: Reno

Monaco. Indy. Reno. Sure, the first two have fancy TV coverage and all kinds of history working in their favor this weekend, but Reno has LeMons, hilarious cars, and Damon on the ground covering the events as they happen via Twitter. He's posting photos and video with his updates, which you can (and should) follow at

Special thanks go out to Autoblog reader Dat Nguyen, who headed to Reno specifically because we saw that we were there. Dat caught up with Damon and then cemented his status in the Autoblog Reader Hall of Fame by taking some great photos for us, a sampling of which you can look at in the gallery below. He's got even more posted up at his Flickr account, which you should absolutely check out as well. So, big ups to Dat, and to Damon for tweeting away feverishly to keep us appraised of the ongoing wheeled mayhem. Watch for more updates from Damon today after he gets up and addresses some issues we're sure he'll be dealing with before the festivities in Reno get back underway.

If you missed Damon's Day 1 summary, check it out here.

Photos copyright ©2009 Dat Nguyen, used with permission.

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