Daytona Speedway turned into lake by torrential rains

Lake Daytona International Speedway – Click above for high-res image gallery

As far as we know, NASCAR has no plans to expand into the aquatic arena, but the current situation at Daytona International Speedway might lead one to a different conclusion. Over the past few days, massive storms have drenched the Florida coast leaving behind over 17 inches of rain in Daytona Beach.

The bowl-shaped race track has become a vessel of sorts, trapping water up to the midway point of the SAFER barriers in some sections. Reports indicate that the transporter tunnel alone is filled up to about 10 feet. Track officials aren't expecting to face too much damage once things dry up though. With just over a month to go, they believe the course should be operative for the July 4th Sprint Cup event. However, if the weather doesn't let up soon, NASCAR teams might want to get started on building some speedboats.

[Source:; Image: Kaye Fairer]

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