Magna tried and lost when Chrysler was for sale. Pulling a Marchionne, Magna's now trying to win GM Europe's Opel division for itself, and rumor is that Saturn is also on the shopping list. GM would get much-needed capital for the transactions, but it could also be facing its old properties as new competition. Of course, coughing up the money might be difficult, considering Magna's taken a shellacking so far this year.

Some think keeping Opel and Saturn together makes sense, because they're already joined at the hip through current parent GM, and they're both slated for spin-off or sudden death. That may be fine for now, on the platforms the brands currently use, giving Magna time to figure out where the underpinnings come from for the next vehicle cycle. If Magna wants to go from supplier to automaker, there's more properties on the market with lots of potential than any time in our collective memory. Funny thing, potential -- Magna could either be wildly successful in winning Saturn and Opel, connecting with consumers, and generally rocking it where there had once been much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Or, it could all go down in a pire of torched Dollars, Loonies, and Euros. Thanks for the tips, Richard.

[Source: WSJ]

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