Yesterday's media question-and-answer session with General Motors' CEO Fritz Henderson didn't reveal much in the way of actual news, but at least one question raised a few eyebrows: "Is GM considering moving its corporate headquarters?"

While that's an unlikely scenario, Henderson stopped short of denying the possibility, saying: We're looking at, frankly, everything within our business, but it's not like we have that queued up at the top of our list." Henderson also admitted: "We don't have any such plan... but if we did it would be motivated by business rationale, which would be cost, efficiency and speed."

So, where might GM defect to? Detroit Free Press scribe Tom Walsh suggests that Wilmington, Delaware (the city where GM is incorporated) could be a possibility, or even just down the road to Warren, MI near GM's Tech Center complex is located.

Admittedly, a move by GM out of its Renaissance Center headquarters remains unlikely, but Detroit's already skittish residents and politicians are already bristling on the city's airwaves at Henderson's less-than-firm response to the question. What do you think? Answer our poll below.

[Source: The Detroit News | Image: Bill Pugliano/Getty]

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