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Talking about the auto industry nowadays is pretty depressing. Two-thirds of Detroit is now kept afloat by the taxpayer. Nobody's making any money. Politics trumps Pontiacs. Capitol Hill gasbags blather on about the small, fuel-efficient cars we all supposedly want. Cool, fun cars that look good, go fast and make loud noises don't fit the new narrative.

So it was with great pleasure and a sigh of relief that, while running a couple of errands on Friday, I came across the weekly Classic Nights Car Club cruise taking place by the Dairy Queen in Monroe, CT. As luck would have it, I'd thrown my camera in the back seat before I left the house, so out I hopped, moseying over for a look around. Thank goodness for cruise night; It's cathartic. Current events take a backseat for a few hours every Friday as visitors, young and old, simply enjoy the great old cars for what they are. At cruise night, the people are friendly, the music's retro, and brands never die. It's all good if you ask me. Have a look at the attached gallery and judge for yourselves.

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