Jeremy Mayfield, a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver with five career victories, has become the first driver suspended for substance abuse since the sanctioning body's no-nonsense policy took effect this season. Jim Hunter, NASCAR's vice president of corporate communications, would not say what the specific substance was, but he did clarify that it was not alcohol-related. As of last September, NASCAR tests all drivers and crew members at the start of the season, and randomly throughout the year. Mayfield, 39, drives for Mayfield Motorsports, his own team. The suspension prevents him from leading or driving, but nothing prevents the team from being run by someone else with a replacement driver behind the wheel.
Mayfield released the following statement to Sports Illustrated on Saturday: "As both a team owner and a driver in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, I have immense respect for the enforcement policies NASCAR has in place. In my case, I believe that the combination of a prescribed medicine and an over the counter medicine reacted together and resulted in a positive drug test. My Doctor and I are working with both Dr. Black and NASCAR to resolve this matter." Thanks to Patrick for the tip.

[Source: Miami Herald, quote from Sports Illustrated]

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