The Washtenaw Community College Vehicle Performance class that helped build Boss Wagon VI

Although the story's a bit old, Car and Driver just released the tale of their sixth Boss Wagon project online. Just like their past attempts at turning a sow's ear into a silk purse, this one starts with a casual comment that snowballs out of control. After several rethinks, copious man-hours and a lot of scratched heads, a new Boss Wagon has been birthed. This time the project takes the form of a Mazdaspeed5. Yep, Mazda's funky microvan with an extra dash of speed.

Although there are plenty of examples of the Mazdaspeed3 and Mazdaspeed6 on the road, Mazda never made a factory Mazdaspeed5. Some people think that's unacceptable, a few AB staffers included. The Mazda5 is an almost perfect family hauler, but one complaint from drivers has often been that it lacks some zoom-zoom in the engine bay. The simple fix? Because the 5 shares its underpinnings with the Mazda3, stuff in a Mazdaspeed3 turbo mill and pick up an extra 110 hp instantaneously.

Sounds simple enough, but as you'll learn by reading the article, things are never as simple as they might seem. Some eight months, 21 days, and two hours later, the only items they hadn't removed from the 5 were the sliders and liftgate, and they still aren't finished with the fine-tuning. Well, did all that work pay off? Did they turn the grocery getter into a weekend warrior? Follow the source link and find out for yourselves.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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