Rendered speculation: Chevrolet Sky-Volt?

One of the many unfortunate casualties of General Motors' financial apocalypse is the loss of the Kappa platform, the small, rear-wheel drive architecture underpinning the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky. With both of those brands being discontinued and no plans to migrate any models over to GM's surviving brands, the slow-selling roadsters will simply disappear within the next year.

Another disappointment to GM fans was the transformation of the Chevy Volt from concept to production form. The sporty, aggressive concept was, to many, a generic interpretation of an otherwise revolutionary design.

One of our readers came up with a novel solution to both problems. Just graft the Volt concept nose onto the Sky and install an adaptation of the Voltec powertrain and voila! you have a rival to the Dodge Circuit and Tesla Roadster. From a technical standpoint, the Volt Roadster is theoretically possible. A battery pack could easily fit into the center tunnel, with the drive motor mounted at the rear, but don't get your hopes up -- it's highly-doubtful that it could ever come to production. GM is struggling to finance the development of volume models and a niche product like this just couldn't happen in the foreseeable future. But if the General could keep the Kappa tooling around, who knows? One can dream, right? Thanks to reader Ryan for the tip and the rendering!

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