The Formula One circus has landed in Bahrain this weekend and the controversies surrounding kinetic energy recovery systems are continuing. Four of ten teams are apparently using KERS this week including BMW, Ferrari, McLaren and Renault. Renault team boss Flavio Briatore remains unconvinced of the effectiveness of the systems, particularly given the development cost. Briatore actually wants the FIA, which governs the sport, to ban the systems beginning next year.

The team has already cut spending including reducing the salaries of much of the staff. Briatore himself has taken a twenty percent pay cut. The F1 teams are currently discussing capping budgets and even the biggest teams - e.g., Toyota, McLaren Mercedes and Renault - are suffering.

For this first year, the use of KERS is limited and the FIA had been planning to expand its use starting in 2010. However, making KERS more useful requires a lot of testing, something that is becoming more difficult with current budget and testing restrictions.

[Source: F1-Live]

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