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Asian consumers loves them some baroque styling. How else to explain the popularity of gaudy, over-the-top couture in the continent's major city centers? Indeed, how else to explain the existence of cars like the Mitsuoka Galue S50 and Galue 204? Proving that the love affair is still very much still alive is this, the Geely Excellence (GE) Limousine.

Despite the obvious aping of traditional Rolls-Royce styling cues (square-rigged waterfall grille, Spirit of Imitation Ecstasy hood ornament, wool carpets, etc.) there is some innovation here, in the form of the rear seat "throne," a kingly perch that forms the literal centerpoint of the car's unorthodox 1+2 seating arrangement.

In any case, the 17.5-foot Goliath is widely expected to be the first offering from Geely's new sub-brand, YingLun, or ENGLON (a melding of "England" and "London), but for the moment, the Chinese automaker is stopping short of confirming production.

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[Source: Autoblog China]

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