Shanghai 2009: Chang'An CD101 debuts, looks production-friendly

Chang'An Motors CD101 - Click above for high-res gallery

Chang'An Motors has rolled out its CD101 concept in Shanghai, and while we don't have much more than images to show you of this car yet, it could offer a glimpse as to what China's fourth largest automaker hopes to bring to the world's markets in the not-too-distant future.

Chang'An, Ford's Chinese-market partner, is understood to be one of the parties negotiating with the Blue Oval regarding a possible purchase of Volvo, and its officials have already gone on record saying that they are actively pursuing mergers and acquisitions in order to expand their global footprint, and the company has reportedly already signed a deal with Autopark Mexico to begin production of 50,000 units in Mexico next year. Could a production version of the CD101 be part of that expansionary initiative? Only time (and Chang'An spokespeople) will tell.

Sadly, we don't have any additional word on what sort of drivetrain lurks underneath the CD101's mid-size skin, but we'll be sure to pass along more details as they become available. For the time being, check out the gallery below.

[Source: Autoblog Simplified Chinese]

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