1996 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport

It may be hard to imagine now, but there was a time when General Motors considered spinning Chevrolet's Corvette line off into its own separate division. The flagship supercar always had a distinct identity from the rest of Bowtie's model line – heck, overseas, 'Vettes aren't even sold at Chevy dealerships, they're sold with Cadillac. But while The General is trying to trim divisions down to a manageable level, now would seem like a less-than-ideal time to separate the Corvette range from Chevrolet, despite reports that yet another 'Vette derivative may on the way.

In addition to the base Corvette coupe, the convertible, track-focused Z06 and supercar-beating ZR1 (along with various limited-edition models), reports now suggest that a new Grand Sport model is on its way. Little is known in the way of details, but speculation suggests that it'd be a standard 'Vette with a wider body like the Z06 or ZR1 and some extra package additions. The trim level are reportedly set to be available in both coupe and convertible body-styles, but perhaps the real question is whether the asymettrical fender hash marks will return...

[Source: Corvette Action Center]

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