Sail the (calm) seas in the Amphicoach Amphibious Tourist Bus

Amphicoach Amphibious Touring Bus - Click above for a gallery

Amphibious touring vehicles have been around for a while (the Bay Quackers in San Francisco comes to mind), offering vacationers a unique way to explore both the city and the waterways surrounding it. Amphicoach is taking it to the next luxurious level, with a 50-seat bus that combines all the amenities you'd find in a high-end touring coach with the amphibious capabilities required to tackle the seas.

After six years of development and testing, Amphicoach is ready to launch its first model, which complies with all relevant E.U. legislation for passenger vehicles and can handle extended periods submerged in either salt- or fresh-water.

The Amphicoach is equipped with a choice of two diesel engines along with two- or four-wheel drive, is built from marine grade aluminum for light weight and superior strength, features a jet drive unit built specifically for the bus and a one-off wheel retraction system that allows the coach to travel up to eight knots. Inside, it's typical party-bus fare, with LCD screens, DVD players and PA systems, along with all the required safety gear.

Pricing and availability is currently on a need-to-know basis, but for cities trying to stoke tourism, the Amphicoach could be worth the cost of entry... assuming it won't leave pensioners stranded off the shore of Alcatraz.

[Source: Amphicoach via 4wheelnews]

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