Two weeks ago, InsideLine released a comparison test pitting the V6 Hyundai Genesis Coupe against the Infiniti G37. Although the Genesis posted some less-than-stellar performance numbers, IL gave it the win on account of its ability to deliver The Thrills for thousands less than the G37. Hyundai, however, wasn't willing to leave "good enough" alone.

The automaker tagged along when IL took the Genesis back to the track and discovered the rear wheel alignment was off spec and the front tires were worn and coupled with brand new rear rubber. Additionally, one of the major complaints IL's track rats had was the Genesis' ECU programming, which cut power at inopportune times and had an adverse affect on acceleration runs and at-the-limit drivability.

After running its extensive round of testing again, IL was able to pull off a 0-60 run of 5.9 seconds (versus 6.4 seconds last month and much closer to the G37's 5.7-second time), along with a quarter-mile sprint of 14.1 at 99.3 mph (versus 14.5 at 97.9 mph, or just 0.2 seconds off the G). Braking distances stayed virtually the same and the new slalom test returned a 69.0-mph run versus last month's 68.2-mph results.

More importantly than the stats, the reprogrammed ECU settings are available at dealerships, so anyone that's already rolling in their new Genesis Coupe can head to their nearest retailer and get a reflash for free – and maybe a new rear-end alignment. Thanks for the tip Loren!

[Source: Straightline]

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