If you have a strong interest in electric vehicles taking flight (in both the metaphoric and non-metaphoric senses) than you may want to attend the upcoming Electric Aircraft Symposium on April 24th at the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos, California. The impressive line up of speakers features such notables as Dr. Yi Cui of nanowire battery breakthrough fame and will touch on subjects ranging from climate science to the proposed Aviation Green Prize (an Automotive X-Prize type competition). Though your electric vehicle interests may be oriented more toward the surface-based variety, the same concerns about energy and efficiency exist in the airborne sort too, perhaps to an even greater extent. The expertise on-hand may be quite valuable. Speaking of value, if you register before the 15th of April you can save $60 and pay only $245 for the full day affair which includes snack breaks and a networking lunch and dinner. Click here for the list of speakers that have been confirmed so far.

[Source: CAFE Foundation]

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