Is yet another Chinese automaker throwing their hat into the electric car ring? Well, maybe. While walking about in Alice Springs, Australia, China Car Times reader, Dylan, noticed a car dressed up in decals that screamed, "Hey you! I'm a top secret prototype and you should take my picture." He obliged and now that his photos have reached civilization the rest of the world and have been analyzed by others, the conclusion is that this is a Roewe 550. Now, this particular car is already in production so it seems a little odd that it's been covered in decals and driven around the Outback. Odd, that is, until you examine the photos more closely and realize their appears to be no gas cap or tail pipe where they are typically located. Add to that a previous declaration by Roewe parent company, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC), that they are investing almost $300 million in a hybrid and electric car program and you have the makings of rampant speculation.
[Source: China Car Times]

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