Click above for image gallery of the Burnout Paradise Legendary Cars DLC

Owners of Burnout Paradise for the Xbox 360 should mark February 19th on their calendars. That's the day their little driving game becomes infinitely cooler with the release of the Legendary Cars pack as downloadable content. Four cars will be available for purchase separately or in a bundle. The one most eagerly anticipated is the Jansen 88 Special, a clever nod to the DeLorean used in Back to the Future replete with wheels that turn under the car for hover mode. There's also the Manhattan Spirit that's inspired by the Ecto 1 in Ghostbusters, the Carson Nighthawk that owes KITT a few royalty checks and the Cavalry Bootlegger that pays homage to the original General Lee. Unfortunately, Criterion Games knows which car will be the most popular, and has priced the Jansen 88 Special at $3.99 / 320 credits versus $1.99 / 160 credits for the other three. Or you could save some Microsoft money and buy the whole bundle for $7.99 / 600 credits.

UPDATE: Video of gameplay after the jump.

[Source: Joystiq]

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