Seatbelts save lives... and prevent broken fingernails, too. An apparently unbelted Lee Redmond was ejected from her SUV during an accident earlier this week. While the noteworthy Utah resident somehow survived the crash, her record-setting fingernails didn't fare as well. The Guinness Book of World Records-certified growths (yeah, they are more than a bit grotesque) were all broken, apparently leaving Redmond rather stumped.
As she recovers in the hospital from her injuries it would be wise to ponder the case of Shridhar Chillal. The previous record fingernail holder from India cut his own nails off in search of a more normal life several years ago. However, he was so emotionally distressed afterward that he had them glued back on. Apparently, when it comes to fingernails, there's nothing that a bit of super glue can't fix!

[Source: Google/AP]

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