Chicago 2009: U.S.-spec Nissan Cube and Cube Krom

Click above to view live shots of the Nissan Cube Krom and Krom-less

While we've already told you pretty much everything we know about the new-to-these-shores Nissan Cube, what we haven't shared are many pics. We covered the asymmetrical Cube when it appeared at the LA Auto Show, but based on your comments, more is better in this case. When we saw the special Cube Krom on the eve of the Chicago Auto Show, we figured we could remedy that situation by adding a fistful of new photos to the database.

Whether in blinged out Krom trim or regular old just-Cube form, this is one unique vehicle with an attitude that reminds us of the first-generation Scion xB. It should, as these two vehicles came from the same Japanese market that values quirky, versatile and small in the same package. In addition to the plain white model that was in Los Angeles, Nissan brought along the Krom and another customized version seen here. This green example shows the customization possibilities that Nissan wants to promote in this new model. The body kit, wheel upgrade and rear spoiler really make this Cube shine. You can see our previous post on the Cube for more details, but don't forget to feast your eyes on these live shots from Chicago. Keep your eyes open for the the carpet garden growing out of the dash and the zen ripples on the headliner.

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