A decision made last month by Underwriters Laboratories could put a big speed bump in efforts by states like Minnesota and the USDA and EPA to increase concentrations of ethanol in gasoline beyond the current maximum of 10 percent. Many states and municipalities require UL listings for fuel pumps. The UL ruling on E85 pumps specified that existing pumps certified to the UL87 standard are certified only for concentrations up to E10. That means that concentrations like E15 and E20 can't be dispensed from those pumps. Minnesota has mandated that gasoline blends in the state should be increased to 20 percent by 2015 and many in the ethanol industry had thought that the UL87 standard applied to blends up to E15.
The main part of the decision was actually related to E85-pump components. UL rescinded its earlier approval of certain components which means pumps with those parts can no longer be used. There have not been any known safety incidents with these pumps. However, pumps in areas that require UL certification will have to be shut down. It's unknown how many pumps will be affected by the decision.

[Source: Ethanol.org via Green Car Congress]

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