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If you're like some of us here at AutoblogGreen, a few minutes after reading all about the new Mission One, the world's fastest production electric motorcycle, you were daydreaming about sitting in its saddle waiting for the light to change from red. In the next lane, some guy on a Suzuki Hayabusa was revving his engine like crazy, preparing to let out his clutch. Perhaps you imagined giving the guy a nod of the helmet and an easy smile knowing the silence of your steed and your relaxed attitude was intimidating in its own way. What might really happen when the light turns green?

The Hayabusa is famously fast and can produce around the same amount of torque as the electric newcomer. However, as Mission Motors CEO, Forrest Deuth, reminded us when we spoke the other day, the gas-powered bike produces its torque at thousands of RPMs, while the Mission One has it waiting for you from the get go. The result, we're told, is a very controllable launch, followed by extremely quick acceleration, undisturbed by the shifting of gears. Compare that to the uncertainty of dropping a clutch on a screaming traditional sport bike. Of course, no one has yet ridden the bike that was unveiled yesterday, so can this reverie be believed? Hit the jump for our answer and video testimonials.

[Source: Mission Motors]

Quite possibly. Although the first Mission One has no road miles, the prototype that preceded it has lots. Over a hundred different people have had a chance to try out that drivetrain (including one lucky stranger) and give their feedback. Some of their enthusiastic impressions are recorded in the first video below. Stick around and watch the second bit of footage and hear from some of the key people behind this machine as they talk about their creation. Now, if you'll excuse us, the light's about to turn green.

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