Saturn Astra goes away for 2009

If you've been looking to spec a new Astra like Autoblog reader ramirez8167, you may have noticed that you can't build or locate a 2009 model on Saturn's website. That's because there isn't one.

With plenty of dealer stock on-hand for the slow-moving Opel-based hatch, General Motors has simply decided to sell through their existing inventory of 2008s instead of creating a parking lot with additional 2009 model year stock. We spoke with Steve Janisse, group manager for Saturn communications this morning, and he confirmed that while there will be no 2009 model, a 2010 is scheduled and on track for a spring roll-out. Given this unfortunate economic environment and GM's rude poor health, of course, we'll wait to "call the ball" until 2010s are on dealer forecourts. In any case, no major changes are planned for the 2010 model, although minor items like the availability of new paint colors are expected.

Until then, Astra prospectives can still kit out a 2008 model of the tidy-handling hatchback on Saturn's website and probably get a solid deal on what they are looking for through dealer transfers.

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