Click above for a high-res image of the Chevrolet Corvette Compeition Sport

Last week GM announced a special package of racetrack upgrades for the 'Vette and Z06 dubbed the Corvette Competition Sport (CS) package and now, the General has released pricing. The cost of a base Corvette coupe with the package is $55,655, a bump of $3,350 over a 1LT coupe with the Z51 option pack and NPP exhaust. The price of a CS equipped Z06 is $77,500 w/ DFC, a jump of $2,725 over a 1LZ Corvette Z06.

As outlined before, the kit includes the Z51 Performance Package, the NPP performance exhaust system, a differential cooler and a set of racing pedals. Power peaks at 436 hp on the base Coupe and 505 hp on the Z06. Besides the steak, there's a bit of sizzle. Visual mods for both versions include Competition Gray stripes, wheels and headlamps, a special engine cover, and the "Jake" and CSR logos inside and out. A set of racing numbers will also be delivered to the buyer based on the particular car's build sequence.

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