Do HUMMER drivers get more tickets? A new study thinks so...

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I had a yellow Chevrolet Corvette Z06 last summer. When I took it by my parents house, my dad warned me not to break the speed limit because sports cars were a big red flag for law enforcement. His logic made complete sense, but it turns out that sports cars aren't necessarily the the most likely vehicles to get tickets. That honor goes to the HUMMER H2 and H3. ISO Quality and Planning, which does studies for insurance companies, found that HUMMER drivers are four times more likely to get a ticket than the average driver. Nobody has any concrete reason for why this is, but some guesses include a misplaced sense of power or an inability to notice road signs and hazards due to an elevated driving position. Of course, it could also be that due to the brand's subconscious negative baggage, police officers are more likely to give HUMMER drivers a ticket than a warning.

Other vehicles that are more likely to be involved in a road violation include the Scion tC, xA, and xB. Those vehicles often find themselves being driven by younger drivers who typically get more tickets anyway. Surprising, though, is the fact that the Toyota Solara and Subaru Outback also made the list. Not exactly barn burners, there. Interestingly, eight out of the 10 least ticketed vehicles come from General Motors, while six of the 10 most ticketed vehicles come from Toyota. View the galleries below to see the entire lists of the most and least ticketed vehicles from the Quality and Planning study. Thanks for the tip, Droids1!

[Source: Newsday]

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