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If you only watch the Saturday night highlights on SPEED, you might think only those with deep pockets can afford to buy cars at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale. Not true! There are dozens of cars that can be purchased in the four figure range, most from the GM Heritage Collection this year, with many selling for far less than $10,000. Take, for instance, a 1989 Geo Tracker "Boom Box" custom with a kickin' stereo system that sold for $5,170, or a cool 1991 Chevy Caprice Classic purchased for a mere $3,630. There were even some "historically significant" vehicles like the first Saturn ever made, a 1991 SL1 that sold for $3,850, the one millionth Saturn, a 1995 SC2 coupe that sold for $7,150, and the brand's second millionth vehicle, this time a 1999 SC2 coupe that went for $8,470. Taking the honor of the cheapest car sold at Barrett-Jackson this year was the above vehicle: a 1985 Oldsmobile Calais outfitted with Michigan State badging that went for just $2,475. The description states that the car is "perfect for the Michigan State fan", but we don't know why you wouldn't just take a decent car and put the badges on yourself. Click below to see 10 bargain buys from Barrett-Jackson this year that even we could afford.

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1985 Oldsmobile Calais
  • 1985 Oldsmobile Calais "Michigan State University"
  • A "Spartan" special custom Calais. Perfect for the Michigan State fan. Lot number 6.1, sold for $2,475.
1991 Saturn SL1 (First Production Model)
  • 1991 Saturn SL1 (First Production Model)
  • First production Saturn ever made. Lot number 93, sold for $3,850.
1995 Saturn SC2 Coupe (1 Millionth)
  • 1995 Saturn SC2 Coupe (1 Millionth)
  • Saturn's 1-millionth vehicle, a Dark Green 1995 SC2 coupe. Lot number 93.1, sold for $7,150.
1999 Saturn SC2 Coupe (2 Millionth)
  • 1999 Saturn SC2 Coupe (2 Millionth)
  • The 2 Millionth Saturn built. Lot number 93.2, sold for $8,470.
1989 GEO "Zonker" Metro
  • 1989 GEO "Zonker" Metro
  • A personal project for GM Design VP, Chuck Jordan. One-of-a-kind styling exercise developed in conjunction with Suzuki. Lot number 9.1, sold for $3,300.
Pontiac Grand Am #85 IMSA race car
  • Pontiac Grand Am #85 IMSA race car
  • Ran in IMSA Racing Series Pro F. Features naturally aspirated, 2-barrel carbureted 4-cylinder engine. Lot number 1619, sold for $3,300.
1989 GEO Tracker "Boom Box"
  • 1989 GEO Tracker "Boom Box"
  • GEO/Chevrolet's SEMA display vehicle that features high-powered audio. Lot number 30.3, sold for $5,720.
1991 Chevy Caprice Classic
  • 1991 Chevy Caprice Classic
  • A Caprice production vehicle being sold from General Motors. Lot number 20, sold for $3,630.
1988 Ford Ranger Saleen Sport Truck
  • 1988 Ford Ranger Saleen Sport Truck
  • This is a 1988 Saleen Sport truck. This is a very rare truck and is 1 of only 27 made and only 24 were made for the street. Lot number 617, sold for $6,050.
2003 Pontiac Sunfire SEMA vehicle
  • 2003 Pontiac Sunfire SEMA vehicle
  • This supercharged ECOTEC Sunfire features a long list of custom equipment including: unique front and rear fascia, full ground effects package, painted engine cover, ghost flames exterior paint treatment, custom wheels and oversized rear deck spoiler. Interior includes Clarion radio system and 12-inch subwoofers (located in trunk) and a custom leather interior. Lot number 115, sold for $7,700.

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