With American consumers showing an increasing taste for small cars like the MINI, Honda Fit and others, Volkswagen apparently wants to return to its roots. VW development chief Ulrich Hackenberg confirmed during the Detroit Auto Show that the next-generation Polo will be sent to the U.S. As the Rabbit/Golf has continually grown through its first five generations, the car has left a gap in VW's U.S. lineup where the original Rabbit sat. That's where the Polo comes in.

The Polo is roughly the same size as that original Rabbit and would slot in between the Toyota Yaris and Honda Fit. The new generation Polo will debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March but a U.S. launch date hasn't been confirmed yet. We'll likely see the Polo at U.S. auto shows later this year, probably starting at the LA Auto Show in November. U.S.-market Polos will reportedly be sourced from VW's Puebla Mexico factory.

[Source: Automotive News - sub req'd]

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