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It seems like eons since Chevy initially unveiled the Camaro concept in Detroit. Since then, we've seen so many camouflaged test mules and pre-production cars that we were starting to worry the design would feel too familiar before the Camaro hit dealerships. In reality, three years is a relatively short time for car to go from concept to reality, and from the reactions we saw on the show floor, the Camaro has nothing to worry about. Despite the focus on green cars, the Camaro was still one of the most popular vehicles at the Chevrolet display and we had to wait our turn to get a look inside. We are big fans of the overall design and love the retro look, but were somewhat disappointed with the overall feel and quality of materials used inside -- the 2010 Mustang easily trumps the Camaro in terms of interior quality. Still, the true test will come when we can fire up the LS3 V8 and take advantage of the 400 horsepower and six-speed transmission.

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