In 2006, California passed proposition 1B that authorized the state to sell $20 billion in bonds to fund a variety of transportation projects. One of those projects was helping to pay for lower emission school buses. Unfortunately, the lack of resolution to the current budget crisis in California means that the treasurer is unable to sell any bonds. No bond sales means no cash for the program. As a result, the California Air Resources Board - which is responsible for doling out the money to school districts to pay for those lower emissions buses - has sent out a notice that no further money will be available until the situation is resolved. Districts that had been hoping to get hybrid and other cleaner buses will have to either pay on their own or delay those purchases, something that will hurt companies developing those vehicles as well the air quality where kids are getting picked up. Just another example of how efficiency and environmental concerns will have to take a back seat to financial realities for the foreseeable future.

[Source: California Air Resources Board]

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