Over at the GM Fastlane Blog, Jon Laukner, VP of Global Program management has piped up with another Volt update. In spite of the news this week that construction work at a new Flint, MI engine plant had been temporarily halted, Laukner claims it will not effect the Volt or Chevy Cruze production timing. According to Laukner, the factory can be completed in less than 12 months and will be done in plenty of time to support the production launch of Cruze in spring 2010 and Volt later that year.

Laukner also goes on to say that the last of 33 Cruze-based Generation 2 mules was completed last week. Like the earlier Malibu mules, these use a different body shell from the production Volt in order to test powertrain components and other vehicle systems. This time, the Cruze is closer in size and configuration to the Volt than the old Malibus were. These latest mules have the production-intent battery pack and powertrain although GM still won't reveal who the battery supplier is. LG Chem is believed to have been selected and when ABG spoke to Vehicle Line Director Tony Posawatz in Los Angeles recently, he said an announcement would come soon. GM is believed to still be negotiating commercial terms with its supplier including cost and warranty coverage. The final prototype Volts using the production bodies will be built in the spring for testing that is supposed to start next summer.

[Source: GM Fastlane Blog]

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