In a moment that makes us want to put on our most pensive face and say "Yes... that's profound...", Bob Lutz has said "It's really much better to have fewer brands, do it well and then market the hell out of them." Specifically, he's talking about the fact that a car like the Saturn Aura -- Saturn's take on the Chevy Malibu -- hasn't done nearly as well as the Malibu. So far this year the Aura trails the Malibu almost 3-to-1. Why? Because the Malibu got pushed out of the gate with a marketing budget somewhere over the $200 million mark, and the Aura didn't. That is why, according to Lutz, "Three years later, people are still saying 'What's an Aura?'"
We know that GM has the talent to get the job done, but it's this kind of self evident thinking (to us, at least, and not a few of our commentators) that makes us wonder what's been going on in the hallowed halls of the RenCen all this time. GM has said that it might try to rebuild Saturn rather than kill it, but with new spending at Saturn put on hold, if they decide to keep it alive, we sincerely hope they will "market the Hell" out of what they rebuild.

[Source: Automotive News - Sub. Req.]

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