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These days, nearly every automaker - foreign or domestic - offers at least one vehicle with a hybrid powertrain. Those that don't have plans for hybrids in the future or have at least flirted with the idea in concept form. That technology is now filtering down to other forms of transportation. We've seen hybrid motorcycles, but now there are hybrid boats as well. In fact, there's an entire "Green Zone" at the New York National Boat Show, where hybrids and electric boats are taking center stage as we speak read and write.

Scout Boats has introduced a new hybrid vessel called the 145 Hybrid that features one 20 horsepower Yamaha outboard and twin 36-Volt Lenco motors. Deep-cycle lead acid batteries provide enough charge for 8 hours of boating at speeds of 8 miles per hour and a recharge takes 3 hours. If you need more speed, there's always the gas engine. The two electric motors are controlled by a joystick that replaces a conventional steering wheel. A larger, more powerful hybrid is in the works, despite the rough economy and falling fuel prices.

[Source: Scout Boats via Wired]

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