Battery start-up Sakti3 Inc bets on Detroit, might have new battery breakthrough

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Although some folks in Washington act as though they could care less about the future of the home of the country's domestic automakers, at least one lithium battery start-up company has laid down a hefty bet on Detroit. Sakti3 Inc. was founded last year by University of Michigan professor, Ann Marie Sastry, after deciding some promising research results should be used to create a battery rather than another academic paper. While it isn't said whether her battery can hold more energy than those available today, it does seem as though making electric cars affordable is a goal she believes is necessary.

The company is currently only 10 employees strong but has attracted millions of investment dollars from the likes of Khosla Ventures and the Michigan Economic Development Corp. The new battery itself may not be unveiled for several more years, but Sastry recognizes the importance of a technology breakthrough. She says, "This is the moment to make radical change. The auto industry needs to change radically." She is sure right about that.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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